Philadelphia Snake Skin Identification

Philadelphia snake

Did you find a snake skin in Philadelphia, PA? I can help you identify it! I am an expert on all Philadelphia snakes, and can even identify them by the shed snakeskin they leave behind. Just email me a photo or two of the skin, to and I will identify it TODAY or maybe tomorrow. Usually the same day. I have been doing this for 15 years as my hobby, and always answer right away!

Philadelphia snake skin

Philadelphia snake skin

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Snakes don’t keep a schedule or diary, last time that we checked they didn’t schedule an appointment to visit your home or business, or restrict surprising and scaring people to during office hours. That is why we are available 24-hours a day and 7-days a week to assist you. From offering quick, simple, and accurate advice over the phone and answering any questions you might have about the local snakes, identification, and threat status, to a visit from our locally based technicians where we will resolve your issue and then ensure that you don’t need to call us again. Over ten years of service has earned the trust of homeowners, tenants, and business operators, just like you. Our family-run business model will continue to serve our local community and wildlife thanks to attending the latest training seminars and equipping our staff with the most up to date tools of the trade.